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Colonial Hong Kong

Occupation of Hong Kong began on January 26, 1841 at breakfast time when the British flag was raised at 8:15 am by Captain Edward Belcher. They did so on a small hill, later named Posssession Point. The British extended its rule in Hong Kong b taking over the Kowloon peninsula and Stonecutters Island in 1860. In 1898, the British secured a 99 year lease over the New Territories. It was the expiry of this lease on June 30, 1997 that brought an end to British rule.

The transition from British to Chinese rule has not been accompanied by the frenzy of name changes which usually accompanied other major transfers of power.

While Hong Kong cannot boast of the architectural grandeur of past time, the value, the addition of certain character afforded it by those reminders of its history adds tangible interest to its present image. Behind the concrete and glass lie some hints of the process known as history - of how the present emerged from Hong Kong's past.

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