Route Sample

The best way connecting the urban areas with Hong Kong International Airport: - the most directly from point to point: Taxi

Step 1: reach arrival level
After visitors check in at the immigration and get their own luggages, they reach the arrival level (Hall A / Hall B) of Hong Kong International Airport.Welcome to Hong Kong!

Step 2: move to taxi station
Just go forward in the picture and turn left.A taxi information counter will be there.

Step 3: choose the right taxi type and get on
Remember different taxi types operate different areas.Get help at the taxi service counter.Pay on bill, no bargain please.Most of taxi drivers do not understand english or just simple english.M ore info. about taxi, please refer here.

Tips: before visitors leave the airport, they may--
Foriegn exchange There are 11 money exchangers in the airport.But the rate is not really good.(approx. US$1 = HK$7.2)

Shopping at the airportThere are Duty Free, Fortress, Nobletime Bookshop, WH Smith ,etc....Visitors may left their baggages at Chubb Guardforce!Services fees:

Get tourist informationA lot of visiting guides provided by different corporates.Internet services are also provided.(hk$15 / 10 minutes)

Dining at the airportMcdonald, Ajisen Ramen, A Hereford Beefstouw Steak House, Ah Yee Leng Tong, Hui Lau Shan, Maxim's Chinese Restaurant,The Spaghetti House, Wildfire are your choices in the airport.

Buy a prepaid phone card / loan a cell phoneCSL shop provide phone renting service and 7 eleven mini store sell prepaid phone card.

On-loan Octopus ticket
It is highly commanded by "HongKongTong".Get one for each visitor can make more convience in the trip.Airport Express service counter provide on-loan Octopus Card service.

Withdraw money at ATM
Any ATM card with Cirrus / Plus can withdraw money at ATM machines.Check the machine support your ATM before insert the ATM card. - tourist attraction


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